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Message From the Mayor


 Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Happy New Year to one and all.  I wish for everyone health, happiness and prosperity.

The recent Winter Wonderland Event, held in cooperation with the Justice Park District and the Justice Library District on Saturday, December 10th was a resounding success!  The event featured a true winter festival including activities all day long culminating in our organizational Christmas tree decorating display and Village Christmas tree-lighting.  Spearheaded by Trustee Sue Small with the assistance of Trustee Sparr and Kuban, our elected officials, department heads and employees pitched-in to provide a Holiday, winter experience for all.  I would like to express my personal thanks for a job well done.  Winter Wonderland has become a holiday tradition in the Village of Justice in just a few short years and I look forward to the continued evolution of the annual event!

Kudos to our own Public Works crew for having successfully paved 1 1/2 miles of roadway this past construction season; our own village employees have become more and more proficient at street resurfacing and it is truly visible on our village streets.  I look forward to resuming our efforts in the spring.

The project to construct sidewalks on Frontage Road from Oak Grove to Garden Lane will be a welcome addition to the new roadway, and we are anxious for work to begin.  Funded by the Surface Transportation Program, we expect work to commence late in the 2017 construction season or at the very latest in the spring of 2018.  We will continue to do everything in our power to expedite the process.

We have been awarded $200,000.00 of an estimated $250,000.00 project by the Community Development Block Grant Program to reconstruct roadways on 80th Street from 87th Avenue to 86th Court , and on 87th Avenue from 80th Street to the tollway.  The grant agreements are finalized and we are seeking proposals to telivise the sewers in anticipation on the roadway work that will commence in 2017.

The I294 Tollway NB on/off ramp Feasibility Study continues, and with each step brings us a little closer to the reality of a NB entrance ramp and the posibility of a SB entrance ramp and a NB exit.  Wheels turn slowly requiring coordination with the Federal Highway Administration and the Illinois Department of Transportation but we are cautiously optimistic for a favorable outcome.

The phase II portion of the Illinois Jobs Now Program consisting of the reconfiguring and reconstruction of the intersection at 75th Street, 86th Avenue and Archer Road is awaiting a No Further Remediation letter from the IEPA and should start mid to late 2017 or early 2018.

The Village Code of Ordinances review committee continues to evaluate and update our village codes.  Once complete every code section will have been reviewed for correctness and ease of use.  The update is expected to be completed by mid-2017 with a few months added for final codification to occur and be published.

Our budget process is well underway for calendar, fiscal year, 2017.  Our first Budget Workshop is scheduled for January and the Appropriation Ordinance is due in March.  We will continue to carefully plan for any upgrades to our equipment and infrastructure but intend to continue to live well within our means.

I am always available for your questions, comments and suggestions so stop in and say hello.  I am in my office and available most mornings.


Kris Wasowicz
Village President