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Message From the Mayor


 Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Spring showers seem to have stalled right overhead.  Many construction projects seem to have experienced delays due to rain.  Flooding issues are at a minimum.  Our efforts to mitigate flooding are paying off and although we may still experience some inconvenience from flooded roadways, the problems are staying out of our homes.

Preperation for paving on Blazer Avenue from 75th Street to 76th Place are underway and will be completed as soon as the weather allows.  Next on the list is Garden Lane from 76th Place to 75th Street.  Repaving will top off the waterline work and reconstruction of the parkways providing maximum benefit to the residents in that area.

The Roberts Road Sanitary Project is concluded in readiness for the County's reconstruction of the storm sewers and roadway on Roberts Road from 79th Street to 87th Street.  Please drive carefully during the construction.  It will be well worth the inconvenience in the end.

The 86th Avenue and 73rd Place Projects are experiencing minor delays.  I am confident 73rd Place will be done by this fall but may not start until late this summer.  Not as quickly as I hoped.  The folks on 73rd Place and 86th Avenue have been more than patient and will finally receive the benefits of the full street reconstruction they have been promised.

The triangle property across from the Damar-Kaminski Funeral Home is being acquired by the village.  Demolition of all structures on the property will occur over the summer to make way for a long-awaited commercial development.  Stay tuned as more details become public.

Representative Mike Zalewski will visit with residents at village hall on Friday, July 17th from noon until 2:00 pm.  Please stop in and address your concerns with our State Representative.

I am co-sponsoring a multi-jurisdictional Board of Review Property Fitness Forum at Toyota Park on August 3, 2015 at 6:30 pm.  The Forum, dedicated to those who reside in Lyons Township, will provide education on property and mortgage based subjects.

Have a safe and healthy summer!


Kris Wasowicz
Village President