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Message From the Mayor


 Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am sincerely pleased to announce that I am one of three mayors who were named as Advisors to the Illinois Toll Highway Authority, Tri-State Reconstruction Project.  Along with Mayor Chuck Tokar of Chicago Ridge and Mayor Paul Braun of Flossmoor we will have the opportunity to directly impact the renovation of I294 from Balmoral Avenue out near O'Hare Airport to 95th Street and beyond.  The planned improvements will transform the highway into a Smart Highway, utilizing cameras, sensors and signage and addressing the widening and adding of lanes.  Construction is proposed to commence by 2020 and is expected to be completed by 2022.

My appointment will dovetail nicely with our own goals for tollway ramps to and from I294 at the vicinity of 79th Street and 88th Avenue.  The feasibility study is well underway and preliminary engineering is in the works.  My goal is to have ramps by 2020.

Paving on Blazer Avenue from 75th Street to 76th Place is completed as is Garden Lane from 76th Place to 75th Street.  On Garden Lane the paving was in addition to the waterline work and reconstruction of the parkways providing maximum benefit to the residents in that area.

The residents utilizing Cork Avenue from 75th Street to 76th Place will benefit from the recent repaving of that stretch as well.

We have moved to the Southside to repave 82nd Avenue from 83rd Street to 83rd Place and 82nd Street from 84th Avenue to I294.  Next on the list is 84th Court and 85th Avenue from 83rd Street to I294.

Engineering for the 86th Avenue and 73rd Place Projects were submitted to IDOT for approval.  Once plans are approved the next step in the process is the letting and then confirmation of the start date.  We are hopeful the bids will be submitted yet this year and we expect a spring start.

The Frontage Road Project is scheduled for bid.  We are prepared for a November letting.  2016 promises to be a very productive year.

Acquring the triangle property across from the Damar-Kaminski Funeral Home has been a long aruous process.  There is however light at the end of the tunnel and I am confident we will accomplish our goal in the next few weeks.  I am anxious to see the property cleared, making way for future development.

School is starting marking the end of a productive summer.  Please drive carefully as children will be present for those morning and afternoon commutes.  Cooler days and changing colors will be here before we know it.

Remember, I am always available for your questions, comments and suggestions, so stop in and say hello.


Kris Wasowicz
Village President