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Message From the Mayor


 Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Spring is finally here and improvements to the infrastructure of our village can finally continue.  The Roberts Road Sanitary Sewer Project should be underway shortly.  The project must be completed quickly in order to make way for the County's reconstruction of the storm sewers and roadway on Roberts Road from 79th Street to 87th Street.  By season's end our long endured suffering with flooding on Roberts Road should be at an end.

The reconstruction of Frontage Road Project continues to move at a snail's pace to my dismay, but the good news is we have a Local Agency Agreement in hand and construction engineering is underway.  Once engineering is completed we must submit for final approval and then go out to bid for the project to actually commence.  Worst case will be by spring of 2016.

The 86th Avenue and 73rd Place Project should realistically begin in June.  This long-awaited and ambitious undertaking will create a whole new configuration to the intersection at 86th Avenue and Archer Road, creating safer ingress and egress from Archer Road and providing a new look and greatly improved logistics for the Indian Springs School District 109 Administrative Building.

The folks on 73rd Place and 86th Avenue have been more than patient and will finally receive the benefits of the full street reconstruction they have been promised.

Our 2015 Street Resurfacing Plan, laying out the plans and priorities for our own resurfacing projects, is online for public viewing.  A new heavy-duty asphalt roller was purchased to improve the quality and scope of the street resurfacing performed by our own Public Works Crews.  We look forward to a successful construction season.

Over the winter and into the spring fiber optic cable has been installed in and around many areas of the village.  Many of you are waiting for restoration of your parkways from work that was done.  By early June we are told the restoration will be performed.

The Governor's fiscal policies have been a cause for worry with regard to revenue we rely on from the State, but early projections of gloom and doom have given way to much more responsible sharing of the State's budgetary shortfalls.

We did not look to our legislators to fix our financial problems but tightened our belts and made the necessary sacrifices to put the village on a truly sound financial path.  The State must do the same.

The nice weather is a pleasure to enjoy and I see evidence of clean-up efforts and renewal after the long winter wherever I look.  It gives me great pride as I am sure it does for all of you.


Kris Wasowicz
Village President