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Message From the Mayor


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Time flies and summer is now over, trees are changing colors and the cooler air reminds us the winter is coming.  Our Public Works Department is winding down with the lawn maintenance and are preparing for winter.  We have a good supply of salt and our equipment is in good condition to meet any challenge.

Our village has done well this year.  The street projects are almost completed and everything we planned for this year is done.

Reconstruction of the Cork Avenue bridge started as planned and is proceeding quickly.  The Roberts Road bridge deck is in place and finishing work is underway.  The tollway ramps are takin shape as planned and so far, no major snags.  Garden Lane's new water line project is progressing well and will be finished before winter.

We finally got the letter from the IEPA confirming the old gas station on 84th and Cork Ave is clean.  Now, we will be deciding the future development of that site.  The Triangle property is getting two new tenants: Durbin's Express Restaurant and Darla's Deli.  The developer of the purchased Bethania property is still waiting for IDOT permits so he can get access to the site and start work.  It is frustrating, the agency takes so long to come to a decision.

The village is looking better and better.  There has been a lot of maintenance completed this year.  The ditches and culverts were cleaned and improved around the village.  Due to this year being relatively dry, no major issues with flooding were reported, but in any case, we are ready.  Three major projects finally received funding: the 90th Ave stabilization, the 75th & Cork and Marion Drive underground storage to alleviate flooding.  The engineering work on these projects has started and in due time our residents will see the improvements.

Our Police Department received a grant that will allow them to hire additional police officers that are needed.  They keep doing a great job of keeping our village residents safe and it is especially important considering the serious increase in crime around us.  They bought two mobile radar cameras to help with the problem of cars speeding on village streets and hopefully it will address many complaints from residents.  Let's hope that our legislators amend the SAFE-T Act so that our police and other police departments will be able to do their jobs and provide all of us with a safe environment.

It is my great honor to wish the best to our veterans and to thank them for their service.  It is only because of them what we enjoy the freedoms that we have.  We celebrated them on November 6th at the Lipinski Community Center.  Everyone was happy with the event and a special thank you to all who worked to make this happen.

For this year's upcoming events, we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Great Winter Wonderland Celebration and Seasons Greetings!

Yours Sincerely,

Kris Wasowicz
Mayor/Village President