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Message From the Mayor


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Winter didn’t want to let go and now we have gone from freezing to heat with no in-between.  But, that’s OK, this is where we live, get it a few days and the weather will change dramatically again.  The village is prepared to handle anything that comes our way.  Spring brings a lot of new activities, new projects and new improvements.

Justice received quite a few grants, thanks to the efforts of our Economic Development Director, Public Works Director and Building Commissioner.  We will be fixing the Miroballi ditch on 90th Street, we have received a grant to finally improve Marion Drive to stop the flooding and the 75th Street and Cork Avenue intersection improvements to prevent constant flooding will finally start.

Our Public Works crew has plans to pave over a mile of streets, depending on asphalt prices. 86th Avenue in our industrial area will be reconstructed as will 83rd Street. 

The Tollway work is moving full speed ahead, ramps are going out for bids in October of this year and the 87th Street and Roberts Road bridge is right on schedule.  We will also be putting in some new sidewalks.  Given all of this, the village is getting better and better.

Our village signs are having some repair work done along with a new coat of paint and the planting of new flowers.  Our flower pots program with the businesses is also continuing.

Village finances are in good shape, we have abated the village portion of real estate taxes.  We gave businesses a break on licenses as part of our program passed by the Village Board last year to ease the burden created by the COVID pandemic.

During the last two years there were many difficult times, however, our village remained open, services were uninterrupted and we functioned well and served our residents.  Our employees went way above and beyond of what was asked of them, we worked as a team for the benefit and safety of our residents.  For this, I want to express my gratitude and thank them all.  Life appears to be slowly returning to normal again although we may still not be out of the woods.  I urge everyone to take the precautions they deem necessary and I am optimistic that we will beat this virus.

We are all aware of terrible crime increase in Chicago but thanks to our skilled and educated Police Department and First Responders, the situation in Chicago hasn’t affected our village in any significant way.  The dedication and training of our entire Police Department is what keeps us safe.  Please show them your respect and appreciation. They truly deserve it.

We are also working on the 2022 Justice Auto Show in August which will be a great event!  Hope to see a lot of you there!

With high hopes I am looking forward to what we will accomplish in the near future!

Stay healthy and safe!

Yours Sincerely,

Kris Wasowicz
Mayor/Village President