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Message From the Mayor


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Summer is in full swing and Justice is doing well. Our finances are healthy and we are looking forward to more improvements.

The old gas station on 88th Avenue and 84th Place was cleaned up but we still have not received the release of No Further Remediation from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. As you well know, dealing with government agencies at this time can be very frustrating. Eventually, IEPA will send us the NFR letter. In the meantime, the site has been cleaned up by a local business at no cost to the taxpayers. I am sure that you all have seen the beautiful change in the property.

In April, we had a visit from Governor Pritzker. He and his team came to the village and announced that the village would be receiving an infrastructure grant. We have been applying for this grant for the past two years and now it is being awarded. The amount we were awarded is $1.4 million dollars. The three flood control projects that the village has been planning for years are finally ready to begin including finally solving the flooding on Marion Drive.

The ARPA funds we received will finance 2 other projects. The flooding at the intersection of Cork and 75th Street by Brodnicki School. This project will take some time with Phase 1 Engineering because we are dependent on the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) as they will be very involved. Unfortunately, they can take a while getting the reviews and everything done.

The third project will most likely be first to start. We must stabilize 90th Street by the retention pond in Hickory Hills as our street is crumbling into the ditch which causes the water to go through the Highlands.

We also received grants for the total reconstruction of 83rd Street and 86th Court in our Industrial Park. We have already received bids and the process has started.

The Public Works Department is also planning on repaving more than a mile of our streets but for now everything is on hold due to the Union Local 150 being on strike for over a month which has resulted in all asphalt plants being closed. Every project is on hold and this causes real hardships for municipalities. However, the Tollway reconstruction is moving forward at full speed.

We hosted an event with the Tollway, IDOT and CCDOTH to commence the ramp buildups and the start of reconstruction of the main intersections and the Cork Avenue bridge.  We realize the inconvenience it will create, but we also are excited because it will rejuvenate our village and will provide positive changes to better our commerce and growth.

The old gas station on 79th Street has a new look, a new building was erected and we are waiting for the developer to announce who the tenant will be. The proposed development behind Damar Funeral Home is waiting for a permit from IDOT to allow access to the property and we hear that it is coming soon.

Don’t forget our annual Auto Show on Friday, August 26th. This is always a wonderful and exciting event. In addition to the vehicles, we will also have the food vendors and multiple bands providing entertainment.

Things are moving forward and we are optimistic as to what the future will bring.

For now, enjoy the weather, keep cool and be safe.

Yours Sincerely,

Kris Wasowicz
Mayor/Village President