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Message From the Mayor


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Is winter over?  That is a good question.  The flowers are cautiously poking out of the ground and trees seem to be awakening, but in my opinion, Mother Nature may still surprise us.

The Village is ready for Spring.  We are cleaning culverts and sewers so the April showers won't cause our village to have problems.

We also started flood projects.  The 90th Street Improvement Project went for bids and the winning bid came in less than the engineering estimate which is very good.  The walls of the ditch will be stabilized with steel plates to prevent street erosion which is the problem now.  We will then repave and preserve the street.

The 75th Street and Cork Avenue Project by Brodnicki School has entered Phase I Engineering.  The plans for Marion Drive are also in the engineering phase.  Slowly we are making progress in alleviating the worst flood issues.

We finished our budget and we again are in a good financial position.  We are carefully spending your tax dollars for the benefit of our residents.  When finished, the budget and appropriations will be published so you are all aware of how we manage the funds available.

Our Police Chief, Kraig McDermott, decided to retire this spring.  He served this village with honor and dedication since he began as a young patrolman.  We are very grateful for his service.  It's never easy to lose a good leader but we knew that eventually it would happen, so we took steps early to keep the department running smoothly.  We chose one of our own officers, Sgt. Michael McNamara as our next Police Chief.  Sgt. McNamara has proven himself as a leader and is dedicated to the safety of our Police Department and Residents.  The change over will be smooth and without disruptions so the safety of our residents will not be affected.

Our economic development is progressing apace.  More and more businesses are interested in moving to Justice.  The Compass Trucking site was assessed environmentally, and we expect that the owner will be coming with proposals for that site.

The Hotel project will be starting this Spring, as all necessary permits are in place and, weather permitting, the groundbreaking will begin.  We expect this project to be finished within 2 years.

Hopefully, some unexpected weather event won't throw a monkey wrench in the projects we are starting as we have high hopes for many accomplishments in the near future.

Yours Sincerely,

Kris Wasowicz
Mayor/Village President